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If you are looking to buy yourself a few more minutes to stay up, then Chaga is not the way to go. This melanin pigmented fungus with an orange finish contains no caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant occurring naturally in some plant-like coffee that stimulates the brain to stay alert. The natural compounds in Chaga are adaptogens. The adaptogenic properties in Chaga work differently from caffeine. Just like the word suggests, adaptogens help your body adjust.

So will Chaga keep you awake?

No, it won’t, but it will do something even better; it helps your body adapt. Practicing the culture of sleeping for minimal hours and working for the better part of your life can be hectic. Living with chronic stress will eventually have some negative impact on your health. Emotional disorders, mood disorders, physical illness, and overall poor health are some of the stress effects.

Incorporating Chaga into your daily diet can improve your general health. The mushroom is available in a variety of forms like Chaga powder, supplements, and Chaga tea. The fungus has healing properties and will give you a necessary balance and keep the stress at bay.

Apart from the adaptogenic properties, Chaga mushrooms have numerous benefits. The other pros include;

· Consuming the fungus has shown to boost your immune system by inhibiting bacterial and viral infections. A cup of Chaga tea or whatever form of it you choose to use will protect you not just from the common cold but chronic infections as well.

· Chaga can help reduce inflammation caused by harmful cytokines. It works by preventing the formation of cytokines, especially in the gut.

· Chaga helps you maintain a body balance and keeps off stress and depression. Chaga tea at the end of a stressful day will give you the calm and peace your brain needs. Stress management is essential as it prevents burnout and keeps your mental health. Mental health is important and should not be ignored.

· The fungus has been mentioned to prevent and help fight cancer. The information available on the matter is currently based on the animal study as research hasn’t been done on humans yet. The anticancer effect is from the mushroom is due to its antioxidant properties. Triterpene is one of the antioxidants that can kill tumor cells.

· The mushroom is known to lower blood glucose levels. It can be of great importance to the person with diabetes, especially those with type 2 diabetes. It should be used alongside the prescribed medication but not as a substitute. Make sure to snack to avoid having hypoglycemic spells when using Chaga.

· It lowers the body’s cholesterol, which is harmful to the cardiovascular system. Low cholesterol levels will lower your chances of getting hypertension, stroke, and arrhythmias. It reduces the low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and increases the high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

chaga medicinal mushrooms

· Chaga contains folate, which an essential nutrient for pregnant women. Folate plays a crucial role in the bony formation of the unborn child and lowers the chances of spinal anomalies to the fetus like Spina bifida. To use Chaga during pregnancy, seek professional advice from your physician before adding it to your diet.

· For centuries, Chaga has been used by Asians in the treatment of skin conditions. Its antioxidant property keeps ailments like eczema and psoriasis away. The mushroom is used for its antiaging properties. It helps give the skin a smooth, soft glow.

· The intake of Chaga mushrooms will lower the chances of respiratory disorders. Some of these disorders include asthma and bronchitis.

· Chaga mushrooms are used to treat gastrointestinal conditions like gastric ulcers, intestinal pains, and gastric upsets.

· The mushroom contains polysaccharides that give high energy. The mushrooms were traditionally used by hunters to alleviate hunger and as an energy boost. In the 21st century, the same property can be used during pregnancy or while nursing.

· Chaga tea can be used for detoxification. Detoxification is of importance to vital organs like the liver and the kidneys. It enhances performance and helps them get rid of the toxins in the system.

· Chaga plays a part in making your hair healthy with a shiny, silky appearance. This is every hair grower target, and Chaga tea contains the solution to your hair problems.

chaga medicinal mushrooms

With the many useful properties, Chaga has a number of cons too;

· Consumption of Chaga can lead to hypoglycemia, which can be a dangerous state in diabetic patients.

· The use of Chaga is contraindicated in individuals with blood disorders, as Chaga causes blood thinning. Chaga should not be taken with blood

thinners like warfarin and heparin.

· Some individuals are highly allergic to the mushroom and can lead to difficulty breathing or skin rashes.

· Chaga mushrooms should be avoided by individuals allergic to penicillin, as they may have adverse reactions to the fungi.

· The bitter taste of the Chaga may discourage some people from using the mushroom. It can be mixed with other additives to minimize its natural flavor.

· Chaga is used as a booster, and you should not stop taking your daily prescription. The mushroom does not replace medication. Chaga will not necessarily keep you awake as it contains no caffeine like coffee does but the fungus will deliver much better need results. Staying up late or missing sleep is not at all healthy, and Chaga does not promise to do that. It will balance out your energy levels to be productive and make great use of your time.

Adding Chaga into your daily routine is an idea worth your consideration. The dosage of the Chaga will depend on what your physician prescribes. Do not use Chaga without consulting with your doctor, as there are some limitations. When consuming the mushroom, keep a record of any new signs and symptoms noted with the intake.

The use of Chaga mushroom for its medicinal value has been done for centuries now. The mushroom grows in the cold climate and mostly on the birch trees. This fungus has numerous properties, and not enough research has been conducted on its importance. Researches should be seduced by the plant and pay more attention to it. Further information on the plant with proven facts will be of benefit to all the Chaga mushroom consumers.