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Chaga mushrooms are a category of medicinal mushrooms that are prominent in reducing stress and promoting sleep. However, there are rising concerns on whether Chaga gets you high or not; the answer is an absolute no. Chaga has only positive alterations in your body. Therefore, it does not make up for psychotropics that perform marijuana magic.

What exactly is Chaga?

Chaga falls under adaptogenic mushrooms. It commonly grows on birch trees in cold climates of Siberia, northern Europe, Alaska, Korea, and Canada. The birch tree produces a growth that resembles burnt charcoal on the outside. However, inside it, there is a softcore (Chaga) with an orange color.

Dating back for centuries, Chaga has been used as traditional medicine and has effectively boosted immunity and overall health. Traditionally Chaga was crushed into powder and used as herbal tea. Currently, there are changes as capsules are being made as substitutes for herbal tea.

Chaga presents itself with detoxifying features. Consequently, it increases urination, which in turn makes the body crave for more water. Intake of water helps in flushing toxins and other contaminants from the body. It also presents itself with vasodilation properties, which reduces blood pressure level and alleviates diabetes—other health benefits of Chaga include.

Boosts the immune system and alleviates inflammation

Chaga enhances the creation of cytokines. These are specialized proteins that regulate immune system activities. Having enough cytokines in your body implies full stimulation of the white blood cells, critical in fighting off antigens.

On the other hand, inflammation is associated with an extended immune response against disease. Inflammation can cause heart disease and arthritis. However, when using Chaga, long-term inflammation can be reduced since immunity is boosted.

1. Prevents cancer and fights it

Different studies that have been conducted on extracts of Chaga show that it suppresses proliferation. It also induces apoptosis on carcinoma cells. According to the study, tests on Chaga’s effect on inhibiting skin carcinogenesis and tumor growth on sarcoma were positive. The study also found out that Chaga’s continuous intake, either in capsule form or tea, helps kill cancerous cells and maintain body temperature.

2. Improves rapid eye movement sleep

Chaga impacts the production of melatonin and serotonin by stimulating the endocrine glands. Notably, these hormones are associated with deep rapid eye movement sleep. Taking Chaga capsules or tea can help induce REM sleep, resulting in regeneration and cellular healing. Moreover, you get a refreshed feeling and a clear mind during the day.

3. Lowers blood sugar level

Chaga is a scientifically certified way of regulating blood sugar levels. It is loaded with nutrients that lower the level of blood glucose if high or raise them when they are low. Additionally, Chaga can reduce cell resistance to insulin. This allows the body to use the insulin produced by the pancreas effectively.

The study shows that in people with diabetes, Chaga lowers their blood sugar level by up to 31%. Moreover, Chaga does not only alleviate diabetic states but also benefits one’s body with anti-cholesterol mechanisms. Reduced cholesterol in the blood creates room for proper circulation of blood. That, in return, results in lively cells and nourishes cells in the body.

Finally, Chaga’s anti-inflammatory properties help in combating excessing inflammation caused by a high blood sugar level. Inflammation can lead to stroke, numbness, and chronic pain. However, with Chaga, the immune system is regulated hence less inflammation and minimal chronic pain.

4. Chaga slows the aging process.

Stress resulting from oxidation can cause physical aging signs. That may include wrinkles, gray hair, and sagging skin. Besides that, the rate of pollution in the atmosphere, the sun’s intensity is way too far for the body to neutralize naturally. Regarding these facts, the aging process is quickly accelerated.

Hypothetically getting antioxidants supplements for your body can reduce the aging process. Chaga, in this case, is rich in antioxidants that eliminate radicals on instant contact. Therefore, if Chaga, if combined with a few lifestyle changes, can be perfectly useful in slowing the aging process.

can my dog eat chaga fungi without getting sick

Risks associated with Chaga consumption

· Chaga is full of magnesium and potassium, which the kidneys excrete naturally. Upon consistent consumption, your kidney may fail due to an increased amount of potential excretion products. Besides that, your liver may get damaged from detoxification attempts.

· Chaga is obtained from the birch tree, making it unsuitable for those allergic to these trees. If used, it can trigger allergic responses and other anaphylactic shocks, resulting in serious medical illnesses.

· Chaga lowers blood sugar. It is dangerous for people taking insulin and other types of blood sugar-regulating medications.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do you get the right Chagga?

Start by reading the labels. The common names on the labels are usually inonotus obliquus and the country from which they originate from. In case you notice any unrecognizable additives, you should speak with your pharmacist or the retailer.

Additionally, you have to check the color. Chaga’s colors are usually orange to dark brown. If you notice a dark color, you should refrain from buying. The dark color signifies that the fungus was not peeled before pulverization, and the blackened skin can be toxic to your body cells.

Where can you get a fresh Chaga?

In the united states, fresh Chaga can be found in states like Maine. However, identification of the right mushroom can be difficult. It would be wise for you to get the right mushroom from a retailer rather than going for a harvest.

After getting the right fresh Chaga, it should be dried in an environment of 113 Fahrenheit for 24 hours. Thereon you can remove the dark skin and grate the fungus.


Retrospectively Chaga is not in the marijuana category, so If you are looking forward to getting high, you will be greatly disappointed. The mushroom lacks hallucinogens and euphoric properties. Despite that, if you are looking to improve your health, you will find the vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals in Chaga helpful. Chaga is good for anyone who wants to combat cancer, slow the aging process, and protect against disease.

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