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Will Chaga keep me awake?

Will Chaga keep me awake?

If you are looking to buy yourself a few more minutes to stay up, then Chaga is not the way to go. This melanin pigmented fungus with an orange finish contains no caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant occurring naturally in some plant-like coffee that stimulates the brain to stay alert. The natural compounds in Chaga are adaptogens. The adaptogenic properties in Chaga work differently from caffeine. Just like the word suggests, adaptogens help your body adjust.

So will Chaga keep you awake?

No, it won’t, but it will do something even better; it helps your body adapt. Practicing the culture of sleeping for minimal hours and working for the better part of your life can be hectic. Living with chronic stress will eventually have some negative impact on your health. Emotional disorders, mood disorders, physical illness, and overall poor health are some of the stress effects.

Incorporating Chaga into your daily diet can improve your general health. The mushroom is available in a variety of forms like Chaga powder, supplements, and Chaga tea. The fungus has healing properties and will give you a necessary balance and keep the stress at bay.

Apart from the adaptogenic properties, Chaga mushrooms have numerous benefits. The other pros include;

· Consuming the fungus has shown to boost your immune system by inhibiting bacterial and viral infections. A cup of Chaga tea or whatever form of it you choose to use will protect you not just from the common cold but chronic infections as well.

· Chaga can help reduce inflammation caused by harmful cytokines. It works by preventing the formation of cytokines, especially in the gut.

· Chaga helps you maintain a body balance and keeps off stress and depression. Chaga tea at the end of a stressful day will give you the calm and peace your brain needs. Stress management is essential as it prevents burnout and keeps your mental health. Mental health is important and should not be ignored.

· The fungus has been mentioned to prevent and help fight cancer. The information available on the matter is currently based on the animal study as research hasn’t been done on humans yet. The anticancer effect is from the mushroom is due to its antioxidant properties. Triterpene is one of the antioxidants that can kill tumor cells.

· The mushroom is known to lower blood glucose levels. It can be of great importance to the person with diabetes, especially those with type 2 diabetes. It should be used alongside the prescribed medication but not as a substitute. Make sure to snack to avoid having hypoglycemic spells when using Chaga.

· It lowers the body’s cholesterol, which is harmful to the cardiovascular system. Low cholesterol levels will lower your chances of getting hypertension, stroke, and arrhythmias. It reduces the low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and increases the high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

chaga medicinal mushrooms

· Chaga contains folate, which an essential nutrient for pregnant women. Folate plays a crucial role in the bony formation of the unborn child and lowers the chances of spinal anomalies to the fetus like Spina bifida. To use Chaga during pregnancy, seek professional advice from your physician before adding it to your diet.

· For centuries, Chaga has been used by Asians in the treatment of skin conditions. Its antioxidant property keeps ailments like eczema and psoriasis away. The mushroom is used for its antiaging properties. It helps give the skin a smooth, soft glow.

· The intake of Chaga mushrooms will lower the chances of respiratory disorders. Some of these disorders include asthma and bronchitis.

· Chaga mushrooms are used to treat gastrointestinal conditions like gastric ulcers, intestinal pains, and gastric upsets.

· The mushroom contains polysaccharides that give high energy. The mushrooms were traditionally used by hunters to alleviate hunger and as an energy boost. In the 21st century, the same property can be used during pregnancy or while nursing.

· Chaga tea can be used for detoxification. Detoxification is of importance to vital organs like the liver and the kidneys. It enhances performance and helps them get rid of the toxins in the system.

· Chaga plays a part in making your hair healthy with a shiny, silky appearance. This is every hair grower target, and Chaga tea contains the solution to your hair problems.

chaga medicinal mushrooms

With the many useful properties, Chaga has a number of cons too;

· Consumption of Chaga can lead to hypoglycemia, which can be a dangerous state in diabetic patients.

· The use of Chaga is contraindicated in individuals with blood disorders, as Chaga causes blood thinning. Chaga should not be taken with blood

thinners like warfarin and heparin.

· Some individuals are highly allergic to the mushroom and can lead to difficulty breathing or skin rashes.

· Chaga mushrooms should be avoided by individuals allergic to penicillin, as they may have adverse reactions to the fungi.

· The bitter taste of the Chaga may discourage some people from using the mushroom. It can be mixed with other additives to minimize its natural flavor.

· Chaga is used as a booster, and you should not stop taking your daily prescription. The mushroom does not replace medication. Chaga will not necessarily keep you awake as it contains no caffeine like coffee does but the fungus will deliver much better need results. Staying up late or missing sleep is not at all healthy, and Chaga does not promise to do that. It will balance out your energy levels to be productive and make great use of your time.

Adding Chaga into your daily routine is an idea worth your consideration. The dosage of the Chaga will depend on what your physician prescribes. Do not use Chaga without consulting with your doctor, as there are some limitations. When consuming the mushroom, keep a record of any new signs and symptoms noted with the intake.

The use of Chaga mushroom for its medicinal value has been done for centuries now. The mushroom grows in the cold climate and mostly on the birch trees. This fungus has numerous properties, and not enough research has been conducted on its importance. Researches should be seduced by the plant and pay more attention to it. Further information on the plant with proven facts will be of benefit to all the Chaga mushroom consumers.

Can you consume too much Chaga?

Can you consume too much Chaga?

Even though Chaga has lots of health benefits, consuming too much of it can always produce undesirable health outcomes. If you are wondering if you can consume too much of it, the answer is that moderation is advisable and any medicinal herb that is over consumed can be dangerous.

The body can only tolerate moderate amounts of Chaga. In case you consistently over consume the mushroom, you will consequently cause your kidneys to fail, trigger hypoglycemia and brain hemorrhages.

What are the side effects of too much Chaga consumption?

Chaga is lucidly a versatile component in boosting your health. However, just like any other drug, if overdosed, it negatively impacts your body.

1. Blood clotting prevention and bleeding

Chaga contains proteins that work against the functioning of platelets. For instance, it contains anti-aggregant substances, polysaccharides, and minerals that thin the blood.

Anti-aggregant properties pose a major threat when it comes to blood clotting. Over consuming the mushroom will result in over bleeding due to slow blood clotting and can even lead to death. Additionally, wounds will also take time to close up and heal.

Additionally, an overdose of blood-thinning drugs, such as chaga, can result in bleeding of internal organs. Such organs include the stomach, areas with many blood vessels, and brain bleeding. Brain bleeding can cause paralysis, death, and impaired cognitive functioning.

2. Kidney stones

From the little known on the safety overconsumption of this mushroom, Chaga has been evaluated and found to contain oxalates. Oxalates are a cause for concern as they affect the kidneys.

Oxalate is an anti-nutrient as it works against the absorption of other nutrients. Moreover, oxalates can quickly combine with calcium and perpetuate kidney stones. Basing on this, Overconsumption will consequently an increment of calcium and oxalates compounds in the kidney and hence aggravating kidney stones.


If your medical reports show that you are a potential victim of kidney stones or have ever been affected with kidney disease before, you should not use chaga. On the other hand, if your health conditions are good, you should take the logical dose that your kidneys can process.

3. Causes hypoglycemia

Chaga is well known for reducing blood sugar level by triggering the pancreas to release more insulin. However, if Chaga is over consumed, the outcome will be deficient blood sugar level resulting in hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is associated with fainting, poor mental functioning, and irritability.

4. Autoimmune diseases

Given that chaga boosts or increases the body’s immune activity, the autoimmune disease is also come in handy. Autoimmune disorders typically lower or increase the activity of the immune system. If the immune system activity increases, which is the case with the chaga, the produced antibodies will attack and devour your own body tissues.

Overconsumption of chaga should choose to undertake the path, resulting in more aggravated autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune diseases are fatal, and they include diabetes mellitus, arthritis, among others.

chaga medicinal mushrooms

What’s the right dosage of chaga?

For a therapeutic dose, 1 cup of chaga can suffice for a day. You can increase your dose to 2-3 cups after a week. Notably, if it’s three cups, they should be taken in the morning, noon and evening, respectively.

Consequently, your body may vary differently. It would be wise if you analyze the kind of response your body is giving. If negative, you can go back to a cup in a day or completely withdraw from it. If your response is positive, you can move to 4-5 cups a day.

Even though chaga is considered to be caffeine-free, overconsumption of it can also result in stimulation. That’s common in people with mental alertness issues. In such cases, sleep interruption is common, thus night unrest.

When should you disengage from Chaga?

You can disengage from chaga when you realize you are a potential victim of kidney stones. Moreover, there is no substantial data on the effect of chaga on pregnancy. Hence it would help if you refrained from it.

To sum up, overconsumption of Chaga is a risk you would not want to take. However, it’s critical in boosting your health if taken in the right amount. Furthermore, if you are on any insulin supplements or in doubts about underlying kidney conditions, it will be a wise approach if you seek help from a doctor first.

chaga medicinal mushrooms
Is Chaga Mushroom Good For Your Skin?

Is Chaga Mushroom Good For Your Skin?

Is Chaga mushroom good for your skin?

The answer is a firm yes. As with any plant skincare ingredient, how effective it will be, depends on your skin. But, no matter what, the numerous nutrients in Chaga can address different skin concerns in a single application.

A superior skincare ingredient

Not all plant skincare ingredients actually do something useful in a formula. And even when they do, it’s not like everyone’s skin can reap the benefits.

Mushrooms, in general, are one of the rare plant ingredients that not only deliver on the promises they make but will also do so for a large number of consumers.

Free radical protection

Sun damage is one of the greatest culprits behind premature aging and other skin issues and illnesses.

Next to a cocktail of antioxidants, Chaga is also rich in melanin, the same pigment that exists in human skin, and serves to protect it from the UV rays.

These compounds are very effective in boosting collagen production as well.

Natural skin barrier repair

We damage our skin barrier with a bad lifestyle and harsh chemicals. That barrier is a thin lipid layer that sits on the surface of the skin and prevents moisture loss. When the barrier gets damages dry skin becomes dryer, oily skin oilier, and moisture loss leads to skin irritation and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

The lipids in Chaga are not only suitable for barrier repair, but they can also serve as a temporary defense.

Skin regeneration

Betulinic acid is very effective in reducing dark spots and improving skin firmness. It also promotes healthy inflammation response both when consumed and in topical care.

Chaga is very rich in this compound – its host, the birch tree, has a lot of betulin which in turn allows this mushroom to convert it into a lot of betulinic acid.

Inflamation and irritation reduction

Chaga is rich in riboflavanoids that have a potent anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. The same compound can soothe and provide temporary relief, as well as a long-term treatment.

is chaga mushroom fungi good for your skin

Beauty from within

Topical products can only do so much, and sometimes we have the eat or drink our skincare.

Consuming Chaga mushrooms may have multiple benefits for the body as well, and it doesn’t hurt to attack your skin troubles from that front as well. However, be aware that anything that you consume for the sake of beauty will get to your skin, hair, and nails last. It’s first going to all the other organs that need nutrition as well.

Does Chaga have antiaging properties for the skin?

A resounding yes. Since it’s both packed with antioxidants, and very good at repairing the natural skin barrier, it can slow down or stop premature aging caused by sun damage, free radicals, pollution, and skin moisture loss.

Is Chaga good for problematic and acne-prone skin?

While it’s a resounding yes for the ingredient, it may be a big no for specific products.

Products with Chaga extract or oil are usually targeted at more mature and dry skin, therefore a lot heavier than what it would be suitable for yours. You can still go for a lighter delivery system like a toner or an essence, if available.

is chaga mushroom fungi good for your skin

Is Chaga good for eczema?

Yes, and it has been used as a treatment for eczema for hundreds of years. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as those same skin barrier friendly lipids, prove to be a good combination for eczema treatment.

What does Paula’s Choice have to say?

Those who are very serious (or even picky) about their skincare, by now know to consult Paula’s Choice website whenever they encounter a new skincare ingredient and/or claim. This little encyclopedia is the brainchild of Paula Begoun, skincare product guru, and aims to educate an average consumer about what’s exactly in their cosmetics. They also tend to be very conservative about their claims and are not going to rave about something without conclusive evidence.

But what does it mean that Chaga is nowhere to be seen? Honestly, not much. The website is ever-expanding so it may be that they just need to get around to adding it. Or, more likely, they are waiting for more independent studies before they give it a green light. A good chunk of published studies is sponsored by cosmetics manufacturers. This is the standard operating procedure for Asian companies, where the Chaga beauty trend originates from. It’s the same case as with other beloved ingredients like inositol or fermentation filtrates.

But, let’s go back to Paula’s Choice. The chances that Chaga will get a high rating from them are high since they already rate other mushrooms as the “best”. Their close cousin Reishi mushroom is accepted as one of the rare plant extracts that actually delivers on the promises. To them, mushrooms are generally worth it and you should check out the products with them.

is chaga mushroom fungi good for your skin

Products to keep an eye on

Unfortunately, there are still not too many products on the market to choose from. Also, some of the available products have Chaga buried down on the ingredients list (an indicator that there’s not much of it) or have some other worrisome pairings (like photo-toxic lavender oil that’s always for some reason in indie formulas).

But the good news is that the good ones have been around the block for a while and have proven their worth.

The Saem Chaga line

The Saem is one of the “road shop” cosmetics brands from South Korea. Not as famous to the Westerners as Etude House or Innisfree, but equally respected amongst K-beauty fanatics.

Their Chaga line has been around for years – a true feat and a sign of quality in the fast-paced and trend-chasing world of beauty products. Currently, it consists of 7 different items that are rather affordable.

The Chaga extract is fermented at the temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit for 180 days thus creating smaller particles that penetrate the skin more efficiently. The basic formula also includes other mushroom extracts, as well as ever-present (in Korean products) Niacinamide and Adenosine.

And, since it’s a line and not a single product, it’s possible to tailor a routine for any skin type. For example, the cream is a bit too rich for oily or combination skin, but the emulsion is a lot lighter and more suitable for all skin types.

The Saem products are available from most online retailers that sell Korean cosmetics, with some of them even offering free shipping from Korea.

is chaga mushroom fungi good for your skin

Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

Also coming from South Korea, but this time a slightly more high-end item. Blithe is a concept brand that celebrates minimalistic skincare and aims to create high-performance products with innovative concepts and technology.

The pressed serums are very unique and completely different from most items that are available on the market. They are designed to help you skip the steps of serum, cream, and face oil at once for a quicker nighttime routine.

The Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum has a pudding-like texture that is better suited to dry and mature skin. Those with combination and oily skin may end up with breakouts from this product.

What makes this product different than an average face cream or balm is that the purified water is reduced to its absolute minimum and replaced with Chaga extract, The product formula is actually 60% Chaga and very low in filler/non-active ingredients. Fermented olive and argan oil are included as well, so the serum is not as sticky as the ones that use regular oils.

This product is available for purchase from numerous Korean online retailers as well as select few Western online stores.

Plantioxidants Chaga and Ginseng Reparative Serum

This product is so beloved and even managed to snag a SELF Healthy Beauty award in 2018.

Plantioxidants’ concept is all about organic and sustainable ingredients, as well as packing your skincare routine with as many antioxidants as possible. They produce a relatively small premium line of skincare products that are formulated with as little unnecessary and synthetic ingredients as possible.

In this serum, Chaga is paired up with the almighty Ginseng. Both the red and the white ginseng are highly valued in the cosmetics industry (with red being more valued) and are regulars in high-end anti-aging skincare formulas. But, ut’s not just another hyped up ingredient. The saponins in ginseng have shown great ability to speed up collagen production. When combined with other antioxidants, the effect is multiplied.

This pairing is ideal for someone who is looking for an intensive care solution.

is chaga mushroom fungi good for your skin

Supermood Egoboost One Minute Facelift Serum

It had as at “one minute”.

Supermood products are very concentrated and tend to have more active ingredients than many of the competitors on the market. So, does that means that this one is a miracle worker? Well, kinda.

The instant facelift properties come from the proprietary liftonin which, honestly, is not that unique. Saggy skin is a combination of collagen loss and open pores. Pores that have dirt deeply rooted inside can’t close properly and slowly start to stretch out vertically. While the collagen loss issue needs more time and work, the pores can temporarily be corseted in giving the skin a lifting effect. It’s the same principle that MacClinic’s Cermage, Victoria’s Egg Pack soap, and numerous “zombie” masks use.

So, if you need a little pick-me-up for a special occasion (and it’s fine if every day is a special occasion), the Egoboost is a great way to boost your ego. Plus, it also has Chaga, argan oil, birch sap, and Centella Asiatica – all ingredients that can care for aging skin, repair damaged natural skin barrier, boost collagen production, and overall soothe the skin.

Just one note, though. Most products that temporarily shrink pores can also clog them, therefore making the problem even worse. Just make sure that your cleansing game is spot on and you should be okay.

is chaga mushroom fungi good for your skin