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Even though Chaga has lots of health benefits, consuming too much of it can always produce undesirable health outcomes. If you are wondering if you can consume too much of it, the answer is that moderation is advisable and any medicinal herb that is over consumed can be dangerous.

The body can only tolerate moderate amounts of Chaga. In case you consistently over consume the mushroom, you will consequently cause your kidneys to fail, trigger hypoglycemia and brain hemorrhages.

What are the side effects of too much Chaga consumption?

Chaga is lucidly a versatile component in boosting your health. However, just like any other drug, if overdosed, it negatively impacts your body.

1. Blood clotting prevention and bleeding

Chaga contains proteins that work against the functioning of platelets. For instance, it contains anti-aggregant substances, polysaccharides, and minerals that thin the blood.

Anti-aggregant properties pose a major threat when it comes to blood clotting. Over consuming the mushroom will result in over bleeding due to slow blood clotting and can even lead to death. Additionally, wounds will also take time to close up and heal.

Additionally, an overdose of blood-thinning drugs, such as chaga, can result in bleeding of internal organs. Such organs include the stomach, areas with many blood vessels, and brain bleeding. Brain bleeding can cause paralysis, death, and impaired cognitive functioning.

2. Kidney stones

From the little known on the safety overconsumption of this mushroom, Chaga has been evaluated and found to contain oxalates. Oxalates are a cause for concern as they affect the kidneys.

Oxalate is an anti-nutrient as it works against the absorption of other nutrients. Moreover, oxalates can quickly combine with calcium and perpetuate kidney stones. Basing on this, Overconsumption will consequently an increment of calcium and oxalates compounds in the kidney and hence aggravating kidney stones.


If your medical reports show that you are a potential victim of kidney stones or have ever been affected with kidney disease before, you should not use chaga. On the other hand, if your health conditions are good, you should take the logical dose that your kidneys can process.

3. Causes hypoglycemia

Chaga is well known for reducing blood sugar level by triggering the pancreas to release more insulin. However, if Chaga is over consumed, the outcome will be deficient blood sugar level resulting in hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is associated with fainting, poor mental functioning, and irritability.

4. Autoimmune diseases

Given that chaga boosts or increases the body’s immune activity, the autoimmune disease is also come in handy. Autoimmune disorders typically lower or increase the activity of the immune system. If the immune system activity increases, which is the case with the chaga, the produced antibodies will attack and devour your own body tissues.

Overconsumption of chaga should choose to undertake the path, resulting in more aggravated autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune diseases are fatal, and they include diabetes mellitus, arthritis, among others.

chaga medicinal mushrooms

What’s the right dosage of chaga?

For a therapeutic dose, 1 cup of chaga can suffice for a day. You can increase your dose to 2-3 cups after a week. Notably, if it’s three cups, they should be taken in the morning, noon and evening, respectively.

Consequently, your body may vary differently. It would be wise if you analyze the kind of response your body is giving. If negative, you can go back to a cup in a day or completely withdraw from it. If your response is positive, you can move to 4-5 cups a day.

Even though chaga is considered to be caffeine-free, overconsumption of it can also result in stimulation. That’s common in people with mental alertness issues. In such cases, sleep interruption is common, thus night unrest.

When should you disengage from Chaga?

You can disengage from chaga when you realize you are a potential victim of kidney stones. Moreover, there is no substantial data on the effect of chaga on pregnancy. Hence it would help if you refrained from it.

To sum up, overconsumption of Chaga is a risk you would not want to take. However, it’s critical in boosting your health if taken in the right amount. Furthermore, if you are on any insulin supplements or in doubts about underlying kidney conditions, it will be a wise approach if you seek help from a doctor first.

chaga medicinal mushrooms