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Morels, also called Morchella, is a type of edible fungi with a brown oval fruiting body with a honeycomb look. Morels are actually more related to the truffle than mushrooms. Morel is a fungus that germinates in the moist soils of woods and forests. They are commonly found in the United States, especially in Michigan, Kentucky, and Virginia states.

However, they are not farmed like the portobello or oyster mushrooms. They are usually gathered in the wild and are very delicious and nutritious. Therefore, making them the most desired wild mushroom in the world.

Are you aware that this type of mushroom is edible, and still, it causes you discomfort! Let us see how. There are few reports yearly of people getting sick after eating morels. You will find some individuals trying these mushrooms for the first time, having an allergic reaction to them. Therefore, it is good to eat a little bit of these wild mushrooms to determine if you tolerate them.

You should be aware of how many of these morels you can eat, and if there are good for you or not.

Here are some of the reasons to factor in when eating these delicacies.

1. Do not eat raw morels.

Morels have a mildly toxic substance that is killed when you cook them. It is not advisable to eat these delicacies when uncooked or undercooked. They should sound like frying bacon when cooking them and be fried for at least four minutes per side before serving them. If you eat them raw, you may experience nausea, abdominal pains, and vomiting within a few hours, which may last for up to twenty-four hours.

2. Never eat unknown morels.

Not all morels are fit for human consumption; for example, the( reds) morel. Fake morels are poisonous, and eating them may cause illness and even death in severe cases. According to the University of Alaska, false morels have a toxin called gytomitrin. If ingested, it produces monomethylhydrazine, which is the chemical for rocket fuel.

3. Where to get them.

You must know where you can find morels is very crucial. You can easily poison yourself if you don’t know where to get morels. They are wild, so if you find them in the forest, then you are okay.

Never eat morels from lawns or farms unless you are sure that these fields have not been sprayed with farm chemicals for a long time, as these mushrooms usually absorb any poisons in the soil; therefore, eating them will upset your stomach. Always be alert and observant about the area you’re getting morels from.

can i eat too many morels

4. Eat fresh morels.

It would be best if you did not eat spoiled or bad-smelling morels. If you find a morel that is smelling, leave them. Always scrutinize them and cut off the dark parts in them or rotting parts before cooking them.

However, do not be in a rush with these Morchella; they are best eaten within four days. Use a bowl to keep them fresh with a wet paper towel over them, and then keep them in the fridge. After the fifth day, the remaining morels should be thrown away.

5. Avoid eating too many of them.

Morels are delicious but do not be greedy and eat more than what you are supposed to. Just like many things in life, mushrooms and morels are safe when you eat them in the proper amount.

6. Alcohol usage.

There are various opinions when it comes to serving alcohol with morels. Some believe that you should not eat morels while drinking. Others think that they have at least two beers, as long as you do not go beyond that. And others say that they had an allergic reaction with just a single sip. But never consume alcohol with morels, just to be safe. You would rather take a soda or juice.

In a nutshell, you have seen some of the rules to follow before you taste these famous mushrooms. At least now, you have more knowledge of the Morchella. So, before you go on a wild hunt looking for these mushrooms in the forests, you now know more about them. You would not want to spend your whole day searching for them and then end throwing everything up in the toilet or, even worse, death. Be wise!

can i eat too many morels