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It is safe to consume Chaga mushroom supplements or tea, and even if, in large amounts, there is no problem. On the other hand, what you need to know are the potential side effects.

NO CHAGA IS NOT HARMFUL. No research has analyzed the proper chaga dosage. You may experience unsolicited side effects if you have an auto-immune condition, bleeding disorder, are lactating, or pregnant. Ensure you consume pure chaga, and you will be alright.

What is chaga?

Chaga mushroom is common in the northern hemisphere; it grows on birch trees. It appears more like mud and not like the usual mushroom, but you can tell it apart from other growths through its orange tissue. Customarily, it was ground and prepared as herbal tea.

These days it is available as a supplement in capsule or powdered form and also as tea. Depending on the manufacturer, the tea may include other mushrooms while others have chaga alone. Once you consume chaga, its medical properties are released into your body like its high fiber content and antioxidants.

Side effects

Even though taking chaga does not usually have deadly side effects, you should avoid it if you have certain illnesses. Chaga is normally safe, but if you take other medication, you should consult your doctor first. Here are the potential side effects, according to

1. Excess blood thinning

Consuming the chaga mushroom supplements and tea mostly has side effects once it interacts with other medications. For instance, it affects blood thinners like aspirin and slows down coagulation. Chaga has polysaccharides, proteins, minerals together with anti-aggregant components that might result in extreme effects. It is always safe to be keen when mixing drugs, and for this case, you may also need to be cautious of excess blood thinning.

2. Surgery

Chaga can slow down blood clotting, and this can affect bleeding while in surgery and after. It is recommended to quit consuming chaga for about 14 days before surgery.

3. Auto-immune conditions

Chaga has the ability to make the immune system extra active. This can adversely affect auto-immune diseases like SLE, Multiple sclerosis, among others. Auto-immune diseases are a result of your immune system attacking the body. Therefore, boosting your immune system is not the way to go if you have any of these conditions. Stay safe if you have these conditions by avoiding chaga.

4. Diabetes

If your blood sugar drops, you may feel irritable, hungry, and weak, and at times it might be challenging to speak. A doctor normally manages diabetes by injecting you with insulin, which regulates sugar levels in the blood. At times chaga supplements may not interact well with insulin, and this can lead to complications.

5. Pregnant women & lactating mothers

There are no studies about the consumption of chaga mushroom during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Thus, it is safer to avoid consuming them.

These are major chaga mushroom precautions you should be aware of. On the other hand, similar to other supplements, chaga supplements also come with plenty of benefits.

Here are the top advantages of consuming chaga, according to Medical News Today;

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1. Reducing blood pressure

Studies confirm that oxidative stress leads to high blood pressure. Individuals with high blood pressure are predisposed to cardiovascular health problems. The antioxidants present in Chaga could significantly reduce blood pressure and boost poor cardiovascular health.

2. Boosting your immune system

The chemical messengers of the immune system are the cytokines. They play an essential role in boosting the white blood cells, which fight against diseases in our bodies. Some studies show that chaga may help control cytokines` production, which means the immune system will be boosted since the cells will communicate with each other. This could help fight infections, no matter how severe.

3. Reducing inflammation

At times, inflammation switches from a simple attack to a prolonged health issue. Some sicknesses, like rheumatoid arthritis, are related to inflammation. Modern research shows that some illnesses that are not considered inflammatory, such as depression, maybe partially due to chronic inflammation.

Inflammation can be controlled by Chaga’s role in the regulation of the production of cytokine.

4. Reducing blood sugar

Chaga may play a significant role in fighting diabetes. Research in 2006 shows that chaga mushrooms could reduce levels of blood sugar in rats. These animals were genetically altered to be obese and diabetic. After consuming chaga mushrooms for 2 months, their levels of blood sugar were lower.

Although there are no studies on humans yet, these supplements might be an alternative diabetes treatment. However, do not consume chaga supplements while on insulin due to the adverse side effects it might produce.

5. Averting the side effects of drugs

Studies, even though not yet conclusive, suggests that chaga supplements might be very efficient in fighting illnesses like arthritis and cancer, and they could be an alternative for customary medication.

If this is right, for people using chaga mushrooms for treatment, it could mean that they never have to experience the negative effects of treatments like chemotherapy and the medication prescribed for chronic conditions.

What to consider

The possible side effects are not many, although there might be more that are not known yet. Chaga is safe to consume as a supplement, but you should be careful, and if you feel there’s something wrong, consult a doctor.

Similar to everything we do in life, you should consume chaga supplements responsibly. Don’t go from one cup a day to 10 cups a day just like that. It may have side effects since your body is not used to a lot of it. Consuming it with moderation will leave you happily enjoying the benefits that come with chaga supplements.


For a long time, people have relied on chaga mushrooms due to their medical properties. With plenty of antioxidants, they are available in supplement or tea forms. Its extract may combat cancer, and support your immune system and reduce cholesterol levels. However, human studies are vital to be certain of these benefits and establish its safety, proper dosage, and side effects. If you want to try out chaga mushrooms supplements or tea and are on medication, consult your doctor first.