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An enhanced immune system, better stamina, disease toughness, Liver, and heart health are all guaranteed by cordyceps fungus. Cordyceps are processed into pills that can be swallowed or powder, which is taken with coffee or tea. The cordyceps medical history traces a century back in Tibetan and China, where it was used to cure headaches, coughs, diarrhea, heart disorders, and liver disease. Currently, it is cultivated in the Himalayan plateaus and other parts of the world.

What are cordyceps?

Cordyceps mushrooms are parasitic fungi found in the USA, India, China, Japan, and Peru. They comprise 400 species and typically use insects and arthropods as hosts. However, each species targets a specific host.

How does cordyceps grow?

Cordyceps grows inside arthropods and insects’ body whilst consumes them. Given that the conditions are favorable for the mushroom’s growth and the insect is fully consumed, a blade-like mushroom protrudes from the host’s head. Meanwhile, as they are still being hosted, they coerce the victim to relocate to trees and low lying plants to thrive.

When it comes to the mushroom medication, the prevalent species are the cordyceps sinesis and Cordyceps militaris. However, sinesis is expensive due to the difficulties that arise when culturing. As a result, it does not make up the Cordyceps supplement’s constituents. It costs up to $20000 Per kg and is sold in Asia and North American markets.

Health benefits of cordyceps on heart

With the advanced research on cordyceps effect on the heart, the benefits are becoming more lucid. For instance, cordyceps has been medically approved in china as a treatment for arrhythmia. Arrhythmia affects the heart by elevating and lowering the heartbeat. In other words, it causes irregular cardiac frequency.

Analysis from research studies has also outlined cordyceps as an effective remedy in reducing heart injuries. Therefore, it’s effective in persons with chronic kidney disorders. Chronic kidney disorders can aggravate the risk of heart failure. Prevention and alleviation of these injuries can help with the outcome evasion.

Furthermore, cordyceps have traces of adenosine, which is an existing natural compound that has heart-protective properties. Should you choose to use cordyceps as a regular dose, you will realize the positive effects in no time.

Apart from cordyceps being able to protect the heart by preventing injuries, it also affects cholesterol levels by reducing their arteries’ build-up. Consequently, it enhances proper blood circulation. Moreover, it makes the heart-beating process easy and non-strenuous.

To some extent, research has also elucidated the cordyceps effect on triglycerides. Tryglecirdes fall under the category of fats that are found within the blood. These fats pose a significant threat to the heart functions, and they may reduce the heartbeat, eventually causing heart failure. However, with cordyceps, the risk issue can be addressed.

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Health benefits of cordyceps on the Liver

Since Cordyceps prevent and reduce inflammation, they turn out to be beneficial to the Liver. Inflammation in low quantities can be right. However, to the Liver, it poses a significant risk of Hepatitis B disease. Moreover, it may cause cancer and even heart disease.

According to research, human cells with proteins that increase inflammation can get suppressed if exposed to cordyceps. In light of this research, cordyceps can be attributed to the reduction of inflammation in the body. Undoubtedly if your Liver has the potential of inflammation, cordyceps will outdo it. Moreover, taking cordyceps orally can help victims of hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B, if prolonged, can result in liver cancer. In that case, Cordyceps will help cure the Hepatitis and counteract its effects in its early stages. Nonetheless, in victims with prolonged Hepatitis, liver cancer can be investable. In such an incident, should you choose cordyceps to combat the situation, its anti-tumor properties will prevent the tumor cells from developing and kill cancerous cells.

Cordyceps can also fight inflammation on mouthparts and skin. It can, therefore, be used in asthma therapy. Furthermore, it can be applied on top of the skin to reduce inflammation.

can i grow cordyceps at home

What are the other health benefits of cordyceps?

· Decreases the rate of aging

Cordyceps are rich with antioxidants, and that explains their anti-aging induced mechanisms on individuals. Oxidants and radicals formed within the body are responsible for cell-damaging, resulting in rapid aging and disease. Oxidation and radicals can also cause stress on the skin, and it can be presented as skin sagging and wrinkles.

If cordyceps were to be taken to suppress the aging process, their antioxidants would antagonize any oxidation activity. The antioxidants are also capable of reversing the aging process if already started. Cordyceps also prevent radicals that are capable of rapid aging from entering the skin.

According to tests that were conducted on mice and fruit flies, the subjects treated with cordyceps lived longer than those that were not. With all things considered, cordyceps does not only prevent and reduce aging but can also increase life expectancy. The study again proved that cordyceps antioxidants contain cell regenerative properties.

· It has anti-tumor properties.

In recent years the cordyceps potential for regressive tumor growth has generated various follow-ups. Due to that, multiple types of research have been done on the fungus using different tumor cells. The results show that the anti-tumor properties are exerted in specific ways depending on the tumor type.

In consideration of test-tube studies that have been contacted, cordyceps have been found to inhibit various cancer growth types. The tests have been efficacious on lung cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, and sarcoma. Additionally, cordyceps have positive effects on lymphoma and melanoma.

On the other hand, cordyceps has also been proven to reverse various forms of cancer therapy effects. However, the studies were conducted on mice with cancer; thus, it’s not yet ascertained on humans. The results proved that the fungi suppressed the radiation from the therapy and treatments of taxol.

can i grow cordyceps at home

· Help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Cordyceps constitutes a particular type of sugar that treats diabetes in their makeup. Diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to produce or respond to insulin. Given that your body fails to produce enough insulin or even react to it, glucose will not enter the cells. Consequently, it remains in the blood and builds up with time, causing diabetic health concerns. Keeping blood sugars well controlled is vital, and in this case, cordyceps can mimic the actions of insulin.

To some extent, other evidence suggests that cordyceps mushrooms can prevent kidney diseases and any diabetic disorder. Further study tests have been done on 1,746 subjects with aliments from chronic conditions of the kidney. According to the results, victims who were cordyceps supplements realized better kidney functioning.

· Cordyceps can boost exercise performance.

Cordyceps are attributed to the increment of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the boy. They also contain adenosine on their own accord. The combination of these chemicals results in extreme energy delivery to the muscles. In return, the oxygen usage in the body, mostly during exercises, is improved hence performance.

This evidence is backed up with a study on the exercise effects of cordyceps. The research was done on thirty healthy adults using a mounted bike. Test subjects were given 3 shots of synthetic cordyceps and other placebo shots for six weeks. The result unraveled that exercise performance was boosted by 7 % in individuals given cordyceps shots. On the other hand, placebo individuals’ conditions remained still.

can i grow cordyceps at home

Side effects of cordyceps

· Induces coagulopathy

This is a condition in which the ability of blood to clot is impaired. Cordyceps have the properties that cause the blood to thin. The effects of thinning consequently lengthen the time for a blood clot to form. Life hazards, in this case, are always excessive bleeding during surgeries and other cuts.

· Induces autoimmune disease

If taken orally, cordyceps will trigger the immune system to become more active. In return, there will be elevated signs of autoimmune diseases. Provided that you have immune conditions, it will be wise to refrain from the use of cordyceps.

Verdict on Cordyceps dosage

When it comes to dosing, the right dose shall depend on various factors such as the user’s health, age, and other apparent conditions. However, there is no substantial scientific evidence that acts as a guide towards the right cordyceps dosage. You should also be aware that natural meds are not always safe, and the correct dosages are essential.

With all things considered, it will be a wise move if you follow directions that are pertinent to the dose label on the product. It would be best to communicate with your physicians or any other healthcare personnel before commencing their use.

Bottom line

Cordyceps are prominent Chinese traditional medicines that have been used for decades to cure ailments. Though the fungi are still going through tests and researches, they are becoming more promising in medical fields.

The fungi are being portrayed as an essential cure for diabetes, lung cancer, and aging with advancing research. Moreover, it perfectly enhances exercise performance. On the other hand, its effect on the Liver and heart’s health is effective in positive ways. For the general body, Liver, and heart health, you should consider using cordyceps supplements.

can i grow cordyceps at home